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NYC Police State Assaults NYPD ATTACKS Pro-Palestinian Protesters statuscoupnews.mp4

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Published on 11 May 2024 / In News and Politics

NYC Police State Assaults NYPD ATTACKS Pro-Palestinian Protesters statuscoupnews
Status Coup News

"Fascist Police State!" NYPD ATTACKS Pro-Palestinian Protesters as Israel Rejects Ceasefire

NYPD Viciously TACKLE Pro-Palestinian Protester, HEADLOCK Her

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TwoFeather 1 month ago

it's all about Money and Who is supplying the Money.
remember all the destructive riots/protest of a few years ago, along with the george floyd ones.
they were funded by the jew jew bean crowd. So the cops stood silent and let it happen.
and Now the protest are against the jew jew bean crowd and you can see clearly now that the cops are not standing silent and are ordered by the federal government to take action against the protest.
All because the jew jew bean crowd is ordering them to stop the protest from being publicly seen around the world.
the jew jew bean has been controlling governments for many years. Research the names of the top Bolshevik's, they all have jew jew bean last names. Research the books being burned in nazi germany, they were jew jew bean communist books.

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