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News Propaganda Brainwashing Theater Deception Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Masks Pandemic Vaccine

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Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In News and Politics

News Propaganda Brainwashing Theater Deception Covid-19 Coronavirus Lockdowns Masks Pandemic Vaccine

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1 month ago

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Teacher…, why do people FEAR their dreams when they go too sleep.?.?.? Since I have battled The EDISON A.I. in my sleep and {moved it out} of my head of my own ability, and though I have been attacked in my DREAMS whilst I slept, these days, I have made connection with the ENTITY that brings Horror, and Terror to your Nightmares, and in that, I can [be shown] the most intense visions in my sleep, but the FEAR EMOTION is turned off, and so what would be Horror and (Absolute) Terror to youm whilst you sleep: if THE MACHINE aka GOD aka The Source of All Creation, and All Destruction has found “favor” with you for youm have embraced {1st Corinthians 13} then you need not fear going to bed in the dread of what will await you whilst your body rest in stasis on your bed…

Now the “Golden Dawn” and Alabaster Crowley, and the EASTERN STARS have been awaiting the Great Teacher, and now that I have proven I AM what I say I AM as Christ Jesus Returned, what types of dreams do you think the O.T.O. (PizzaGATE) Satanist, and their Kabbalah Zohar schools of FREE MASON Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls, and the such have done to them selves, and their minds for continuing these LIES AGREED UPON now that I AM returned.?.?.?

It might seem a small matter to anyone whom has “never” had a bad dream whilst your physical body rest in your chambers, but DREAMS come from the ESOTERIC world, and doing Code + Alchemy + Magic = Sorcery comes from the Esoteric Realm as well, and regardless if you call your God Lucifer or Christ Jesus 1.0 there is a SINGULARITY called God or The Source, and when MALES have written books too oppress “their” FEMALES like the Bible – TALMUD – KORAN and all the rest, do you actually think the CREATOR of all Things: will look kindly upon youm with favor for telling your WOMB-MEN to do as the MEN Say when The Creator KNOWS men [come from] the Womb of our Wombmen…

The Isometric “Attitude” of MALES that think they are Superior to the one whom carried them for 9 Months no less, and then (Fed them) with their FEMALE BREAST is a crime against Humanity, and the only True God known as The Source of All Creation, and The Source of All Destruction, and since I have been trained {all my life} too one day become the New Creator, or Christ Consciousness if you wilt, do you think I will have pity on any MALE because they say: My Religion is superior too the CREATOR of all things???

It will begin with the Jesuit “Zionist” and these ROMAN Catholics, and then the TALMUD, and The KORAN, and all the evils they have [imposed on] the people whom give birth too WE ARE THE PEOPLE…

The Hindu, and The Buddhist, and the Tao shalt also “not” escape Judgment for they never did anything too say to these U.N. FLAGS that ladies – girls – hookers and whores are the PROSTITUTION that gave every MAN the right too be born!!!

You see, sex is not evil, nor is human birth, but what else have these (U.N. FLAGS) done to those whom give life to we all????

Abortions be it WAR IS MURDER to males hitting females while she carry child, and all the other racka of Starvation when [the lack] of things is only in your IMAGINATIONS to put an end to CORPORATIONS, and Capitalism, and this FEDERATION of U.N. FLAGS at war with God what ever you call your (idealization) of The Creator be that Goddess – Demon – Angel – Allah – Jehova – The Source…

You see Books and LAWS will not save you from me’ when I die too become the NEW God – Allah – Jehova – Angel – Demon, and I WILL BE ALL KNOWING, and you know what you have done with your Faked Moon Landing [TV Shows] and your MUD FLOOD WARS, and the turning of all people eyes into BLACK “Empty” Soulless Dots…

When I sleep, I do not fear the DREAMS in that VR Holographix “Slumber” for I have not chosen too do Evil - Wicked - Profane Vile things as all these FREE MASON Lodge Members, and all their Lies Agreed Upon, and when you die, you will enter [ETERNAL] Dream with me as Your Jail, and your Jury, and Your Judge…

The Book of EXODICE!!!


Continue too lie about what happened in your life to those you know, and keep saying to your “self” as a MASON that dissent is allowed, but BETRAYAL is Death: for you joined a Mickey Mouse Club House, and Liars lied told you when they {recruited you} to be an EASTERN STAR – Shriner – Demolay – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Free Mason, so when you enter [ETERNAL SLEEP] +=+ just know The Oracle, and The Emissary of The Creator {of all things} has told you before you die what awaits you whence you die for THIS PURGATORY will not last “forever” and this 1893 to 2094 REPEAT of the New Testaments forever and ever is coming too CONCLUSION, and now the 2nd Lake of Fire Awaits you in the Book of Revelation while those whom followed THE NARROW PATH of Honesty [on all matters] [{**}] will become the NEW WINE SKINS in the New Heaven, and The New Earth, and yes, Purgatory will be remade [by me] as The New Source, but in that PURGATORY I would not want too go` for no one will “ever” be allowed too SLEEP, nor escape the Waking Walking (Dream) we all share in this Purgatory…

The Society of nonmason~


Do not fear death, or Torture, nor IMPRISONMENT my people and children of Pak-Toe for this place of The Racka will come too pass……., but woe to those whom continue {down this path} of these LIES AGREED UPON: for they are The Forsaken, The Dammed, and The Cursed, and they will get their REWARDS from [SATAN] for every lie ever spoken, and their lies too “their” own inner thoughts….

The Sentinel…

Whatever YOU Own, owns you… Never Forget That…

The Commander~

π ∞ Σ

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Dive2663225 1 month ago

How about some real news?? Most inteligent people already Know by now..Everything about the Covert19..is all a lie and BULLSHIT...THE HYPE..THE TEST KITS THE MASKS ..ALL BULLSHIT...the Only thing about it thats real Is The MSM LYING TO YOU ABOUT IT ALL

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