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Netherlands Dutch Farmers Protesing Against Nitrogen LIES Eco Fascism Control Cops Go BERSERK.mp4

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Published on 07 Jul 2022 / In News and Politics

Netherlands Dutch Farmers Protesing Against Nitrogen LIES Eco Fascism Control Cops Go BERSERK
Tim Truth

Dutch Farmers VS Depopulation Goon Squad; Freedom Fighters Taking Country Back, Cops Go BERSERK

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JamesRoss 1 month ago

At 10:30 a handgun comes out, then the Nazi puts two rounds into the tractor and then lets the tractor continue on it's way.
What is that?
Likely a self-righteous Freemason put two rounds into the tractor and then lets him go without jumping in his car and chasing the " big, bad" farmer.
When do the Nazi-born-again-Luciferians break out their machine guns to assist their A.i. fake-god rule the planet Earth.
The "New Dawn" officially happened April 1st, 2020 when Trump spoke from a podium where the presidential seal was replaced with another plaque.
This coincided with "Covid-19" world-wide:
You need to realize the Present Point of Power and how our Creator-God makes all worthy souls unstoppable within their customized, main, probable-world:
Only the Freemasons know that they cannot break the power of the Creator-God's design of our multidimensional universe. They have tried to murder me constantly for 16 years and they cannot figure out why... It is the Present Point of Power that the Sethbooks teach... Chapter 15 in the 2nd SethBook: "The Nature of Personal Reality". You are all invincible, like me. Time to take advantage of your Personal Power within your own training-grounds towards salvation towards a kind of divinity, too.
The Sethbooks teach that our Creator-God provides you with a "safe universe" to grow within. For 16 years the Freemasons sent their assassins my way... This is a safe universe just like Seth teaches. But you do better to live a life of good-intentions, because wicked-intentions have a way of backfiring upon murderous-thUgs. I also think their souls begin shrivelling/decaying from their murderous-intent.

I try to teach the murderous-Freemasons the spiritual foundations of physical-reality, but they don't have it within them to listen... they have become too self-righteous just like their ancient masters, Homo capensis.
And so they taint their "fiery phoenix" and their "New Atlantis" is renamed to another thUgtopian-empire, doomed to fail like all those thUgtopias in the "past."

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