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Most Advanced US F-35B Transforms Itself into a Powerful Helicopter

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 14 Jul 2022 / In Technology

Welcome back to the Daily Aviation for a feature on the Short Takeoff and Vertical Landing (STOVL) variant of the F-35 stealth fighter and attack aircraft, operated by the US Marine Corps.

Footage Credit: U.S. Marine Corps / U.S. Air Force ,Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation

Thumbnail Credit: US Marines , Derivative Work by The Daily Aviation

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JamesRoss 9 months ago

No instructor?
The pilot is brainchipped and wirelessly links into the A.i. computer-controls in the F35.
The A.i. can do a better job at telling the rookie what to do. It constantly assess the danger level of the rookie's actions and will instantly take over controls or render the rookie unconscious and heterodyne his body movements to fly the jet manually using his body if need be.
Welcome to the NWO, boys and girls. will not be saying that when children are eliminated along with procreation of Homo sapiens altogether.
Know a military guy? Just scan for a brainchip, bet you find one...

Freemasonic ground crew(they rarely risk their life doing the actual fighting with the chance of dying) are brainchipped into a hivemind where they are instantly instructed as to what to do with complex hydraulics and whatever. During WW2 they were the gremlins that made unwanted pilots crash. The world wars were/are about sheepdogs culling the sheep... The three hollow heros(Churchill, Montgomery, and Mountbatten) exterminated non-Cult-sworn soldiers like they were the enemy... actually they were the canon-fodder for the Freemason rituals needing sacrifices.

Always jet fly in pairs or more since A.i. can work the two to simultaneously attack a target with the proper sequence of maneuver, instantaneously. A single pilot has little chance for success unless within his main probable-world where the pair of A.i. jets will fail instead as if a miracle happened. This is your Present Point of Power, never be afraid since the probabilities will be on your side with good-intentions in particular. Murderous-intent deadens one's soul. Military-life is not a Godly life.

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