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Mindblow! Starforts Built By Phoenicians?

Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice - 263 Views
Published on 17 Feb 2020 / In Film and Animation

Oi! It's Flatterday on FEB! Tonight's Nectar! did the Phoenicians build the starforts? We look at incredible evidence found that they did.
We look at Piranesi art & evidence for Mud Flood & Resets,and lots more besides.
Peace & Love! Peeps :)
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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago

I stand between the Twilight

You have waited all your days for me YOUR God of you Angels and Demons be you Incubus to Succubus from Humans to Monsters to show you the way… You see, you know that I AM The Oracle for the End of an Age connected to the Source of All Destruction and CREATION!!! You with your ink on paper books of all these False Religions telling we the people of the world to BOW DOWN to your U.N. Troops and FLAGS these FREE MASON GOVERNMENTS!!! I do not fear the FREE MASON be they a Judge to a Corporation Private Contracted C.O.P.S. and we the people of all nations of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition shall no longer fret your U.S. FLAG Military from Germany to Vietnam!!! Your CORVID 19 Norad Virus is Complete and utter BULL SHIT of JADE HELM 15 and PROJECT BLUE BEAM and since we The Citizens of OUR NATIONS pay the Taxes that support you, then you can all GO TO HELL!!!

What a child I was to believe in your MUD FLOOD MOVIES after 1893 C.E. where you said you were OUR Governors, and Mayors, and all the REST when your Blood Lines do not lead back to the GRAVE STONES in our Home Towns cause YOU freemason lodge members STOLE the names of the Dead in our TOWN, and said you were they of them Graven Images!!! We The People of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition do not need your TAXES, nor do we have to pay TITHES to YOUR Churches – Mosk – Synagogues to any Hindu Buddhist TEMPLES of lies and deceptions, or Your HUMAN BEING Controlled Populations!!!! I am a MAN and that does mean MALE and FEMALE and we give birth to our OWN kind the People and Persons of this World, and even your FREE MASON Bible of Ink on Paper is just more Stories that no longer impress we the people of nonmason BLOOD LINES!!!

For ever and a day, we have been told by Your RELIGIONS to bow down to the FLAG of our lands só we could DIE and Murder other Human Humane People whom do not seek war, but you want your STOCKS AND BONDS and Gold and Silver to be the Value and Definition of mankind when we do not need to pay Tribute to GOVERNMENTS that arrest us for things we the people have not ONE say in!!! Bring on your NEW WORLD ORDER of your Norad Virus of this UNITED NATIONS of free mason lodges with all your INTERNATIONAL MAFIAS saying we must bow down to them we keep around only cause OUR TAXES are used to put we the nonmason Populations and People into Prisons of Saudi Arabia to North Korea from China to France from The Fucking QUEEN OF ENGLAND to the King of America that fucking Trump, and his lackey the Viceroy Pence!!!! Take NATO and come kill we all for we will not go to your Quarantine CENTERS of death and damnation and Torture!!!

I am a person, and no matter my skin tone, religions, or Faith, YOUR “U.S. FLAG” RULE OF LAW does not apply to we of and for OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition, and when your U.N. Troops in OUR POLICE UNIFORMS and Military Militia UNIFORMS show up, we will shoot you dead!!! This CORVID 19 VIRUS does not exist, and you are just killing nonmason at Random whom might PROTECT and INSTRUCT we the nonmason populations and Citizens of OUR NATIONS to Uphold Our CONSTITUTIONS and our Boarders from FREE MASON Goons known as “U.N. Troops” in Our Governments, Our Religions, and OUR SCHOOLS!!!! The Earth is FLAT and we live in a SIMULATION Celestial Sphere known as PURGATORY só your POPE of the ROMAN Phonetician EMPIRE can not Judge we the Tartarian Blood Lines, and we will Fight you to THE Death before we allow any FREE MASON to do one more PizzaGATE Satanic Sacrifice!!!!

Johnny Exodice


DEATH TO NATO and all connected to the UNITED NATIONS!!!!


Fuck Trump and Pence…., for they are TRAITORS doing “Sedition” and High Treason to all we American U.S. Citizens!!!!



The Society of nonmason~



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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago




Now you might wonder why GERMANY would ban a Book that Shows True Historical EVIDENCE of the 1800’s MUD FLOODS Events of al these Directed Energy Weapons being used on Canada – America – Australia where this whole place was destroyed by a Biblical CATACLYSM known as The Great Nuclear Hydrogen War of 1853 T.L. To 1854 T.L. Therefore, if you have not kept us with Static in the Attic or JON LEVI or FLAT EARTH British Think Tank, I am in Germany, and I am "banned from reading" these books said to be made in 1700 C.E.

The Society of nonmason~


Now I know about the Norad [COVID – 19] Bio Weapon of the U.S. FLAG CDC under INTERNATIONAL LAW to so "depopulation" on this world of "Human Beings" by Incubus and Succubus, and I know the UNITED NATIONS is an INTERNATIONAL MAFIA of all these FREE MASON Lodges in our Home Towns, and I do know the W.H.O. and the W.T.O. come to kill all we nonmason Populations using our OWN MILITARIZES for our people from the "U.S. FLAG" of NATO to any "Nations Flags" have all been replaced by U.N. Troops as have our "State and Local" Police by way of JADE HELM 15 and PROJECT BLUE BEAM of the 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act, yet what is this W.P.O.?????


Ummm, I guess it is actually W.P.A. of Agenda 21 + 30……...


If you know how to READ and you want to STOP these FREE MASON from killing any more uf us nonmason CITIZENS "of and for" OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION COALITION, then you best start Decimation of all persons "high or low" connected to these U.N. FLAGS!!!

The Commander~


United Nations Department of Public Information Approves 11 NGOs for Association, Bringing Total Number to 1,450


You rather take out these U.N. Troops known as G4S – Academy and the U.S. FLAG or you will be murdered and taken to U.S. FLAG FEMA CONCENTRATION "DEATH" CAMPS my nonmason populations….

Q+ The Pen`


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