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Merck stops vaccine production, EU ban mandatory vaccines, Gamestop stocks destroying Wall Street, Biden’s EO, Michael Flynn’s brother promoted, Children rescued in DC, and more!

3D to 5D Consciousness
3D to 5D Consciousness - 42,427 Views
Published on 31 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

One of the largest vaccine producers has decided to stop producing CV-19 vaccines. In EU, they have also banned mandatory vaccinations, these are major victories for the people. I’m covering Gamestop and what it means for the little people. It is an incredible event to see a bunch of Reddit users kick Wall Street butts at their own game. Biden’s EO is not what it appears to be, the Alliance is allowing some changes to take place to deceive the CCP. Biden is not in charge, because if he was, Lt. Gen. Charles Flynn would not be promoted to Commander. Tons of children have been rescued in DC and more information on finding your own truth.

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European resolution on Vaccines

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tigh 1 year ago

In UK the UK pedos are desperate taking illegals from France, the kids are desperately trying to escape from pedo Macron not realising they are heading to a worse situation mm andreno comes to mind

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tigh 1 year ago

Short legged weird scary looking Fauci who sent money to his little Chinaman boyfriends to create the plandemic will be loosing the billions the little shit made thro karma, the pedo island low IQ little cocks are heading for GziTMO

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[email protected] 2 years ago

Sorry, but if I go to my family with half assed information, I get cruicified by them. I found THE WHITE HOUSE ON ZILLOW.....though, it says, it is NOT CURRENTLY LISTED FOR SALE. We nust discern our own truths, be very careful of words.

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[email protected] 2 years ago

OK. I appreciate all your info. THE WHITE HOUSE IS NOT ON ZILLOW! I have checked many different ways. Zillow picture you showed of the white house says: OFF MARKET radio button is checked.

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PApatriot 2 years ago


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