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Mass Media of Mis-Information about Space (by NASA Ex-Nazis or Freemasons)

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Published on 06 Feb 2023 / In Entertainment

This video is just a puppetry of the Freemasonic-Luciferian agenda to lead the non-critical thinkers astray. You are thus challenged to see through the dis-information that attempts to hide what the Freemasons actually believe as true.

Lets explain what the disinformationist use to confuse the sheople.

The domes at the center of the thunderbolt craters is explained by "Mars: The Lightning Scared Planet"
The Annunaki is just a coverup of the ancient failed-mankind, Homo capensis, who act as sheepherders of Homo sapiens through the treachery of the Mystery School Cult of Freemasons and Luciferians.
An ancient civilization of non-Homo sapiens history is covered-up by the Freemasonic-minions or sheepdogs that serve the ancient Homo capensis.
Their ancient high-tech foundations are all around us.

Cydonia is likely just a farce by NASA and followers of UFOlogy. If you study Dr. Wallace thornhill and the proto-saturnic solar system capture:
You will realize that Mars had it's surface ripped off the northern hemisphere... No pyramids would have been built since the Velikovsky capture began, so Cydonia would likely have been excavated, too. so just natural formations and not man-made.

Object next to the shuttle is just a small chunk of junk that anyone can figure out with a bit of critical thinking and obvious to the astronauts, too.

This video plays with the critical thinking abilities of the minds that rarely use critical thinking, so it is a good start for those kind of thinkers to expand their perception.

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