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Lost Ancient Super Civilizations by Mystery History

JamesRoss - 145 Views
Published on 14 Feb 2021 / In Travel and Events

This is a wonderful producer of a more truthful perspective of history. Some stuff get alienish... but they don't know about the Homo capensis species hiding amoungst humanity ruling the secret-society-thUgs. https://www.remnantradio.org/A....rchives/articles/Wil

You can support their effort at https://www.youtube.com/mysteryhistory or

To get into the very very distant history you will have to capture a Remnant-Lumanian and twist the truth out of it or study psychic stuff like Jane Roberts' channeling for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NtZY_8Qw92k

Good luck, truth seekers...

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no0negun 21 days ago

This was an excellent video!

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JamesRoss 21 days ago

You will find masonic idiots calling this "quackery"... but they are really scared chicken shts(murderous, chicken shts) and their house of cards is falling down around them as they lie and deceive the unsworn populations. Go piddle yourselves you pathetic thUgs, in a puddle of decaying thUgs. Your time upon Earth is almost done, thUgs. haven't you figured this out? The secret-societies should have gone to oblivion when JFK began to expose their bullsht. But now, it is our task to rid Earth of thUggery and bring out the hidden truth. Freemasons are very frightened of the awakening masses and I have a whole list of "trials and tribulations" for the murderous, freemason thUgs. They are terrified of their future upon Earth, but uploading themselves into A.I. is a big lie... there is no escape after you refused greatescape.ezyro.com ... idiots!!!
But rest assured... the Creator-GGod does not waste even the stupid masonic-thUgs treacherous intentions.

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