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Mark of the Beast Precursors

Will Rizzo
Will Rizzo - 37 Views
Published on 16 Jan 2021 / In News and Politics

"Mark of the Beast Precursors" shows how we are being conditioned to accept RFID technology. If we are to reject the Mark (666) we need to resist precursors which the rest of the world is already accepting as commonplace. Bible prophecies about the Mark of the Beast (666) warn against the love of Money - the root of all evil.

If you want to know how to avoid the Mark (666), you need to see how contact-less payments and a growing list of cashless options, are part of the System's conditioning, seducing the public to accept the New World Order, mainly because it is so convenient.

Are you ready? Microchip implants are coming!! Don't be foolish and wait until it is impossible to buy or sell without one before choosing to do anything about it!

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