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The Rise of Mindcontrolism: Exploring Darpa's Role Fourth Beast System in Biblical Prophecy

SJWellFire: Final Days Report
Published on 12 Apr 2024 / In Technology

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Fourth Beast System is Mind Controlism – Darpa is studying it
Optogenetics is a biological technique that involves the combination of optics and genetics to control the activity of neurons or other cell types with light. This is achieved by expressing light-sensitive ion channels, pumps, or enzymes specifically in the target cells. The technique allows researchers to use light to turn cells on or off with remarkable precision and resolution, even down to individual cells or regions of cells, in living, freely moving animals. As a result, it can be used not only to control specific behaviors in animals, such as triggering or blocking fear or pain responses, but also to deduce the contributions of individual cells to those behaviors. Optogenetics has been used for studying not only the brain but also cardiac tissue, stem cells, and the development of organisms.
Able to get a Mouse to kill
As for the study where they could get a mouse to kill on demand using optogenetics, researchers at Yale University discovered that two sets of neurons in the mouse brain underpin the instinct to kill3. One set coordinates the pursuit of prey, while the other controls the neck and jaw muscles used for biting3. Both are in the amygdala, the part of the brain involved in motivation, emotion, and fear. By modifying these neurons so they could be activated by laser light, a technique called optogenetics, the team was able to switch these circuits on whenever they wanted. When the laser was off, the mice behaved normally. But when the laser was turned on, the mice launched frenzied attacks on almost anything in their path. This study provides a fascinating insight into the brain circuits that control predatory behavior. However, it’s important to note that this research is conducted under controlled laboratory conditions and the ethical implications are carefully considered.
Don’t Need a brain chip for this mind controlism tech
Elon Musk has not made a public statement that Neuralink technology does not require invasive surgery or that you don’t have to cut open the brain.
We are being divided into camps to ignite a civil war on many fronts.

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