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Man Confronts Columbia Police Officer Who Planted Drugs On Him (Raw Footage) THE OTHER COP THINKS ITS FUNNY!!! destroying a life is FUNNY!!!!

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Published on 31 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics

Lawrence Lawhorn believes two police officers planted narcotics on him during a previous arrest. Columbia Police Officers Chris Papineau and Ryan Terranova Arrested him for allegedly possessing methamphetamine. After spotting Officer Papineau conducting a traffic stop in central Columbia, Lawrence decided it was time to confront him.

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Lawhorn says that Officer Papineau unnecessarily escalated the confrontation by pointing his finger in his face, and that Internal Affairs found he had violated department policy by engaging in this behavior. The department claims that because the IA investigation was sparked by an anonymous caller who saw the video on Lawhorn’s facebook, the results are a closed record. Lawhorn believes the department is worried about the public backlash and are hiding behind exemptions to the Missouri Sunshine Law (which governs open records) out of fear.

Throughout the video Lawhorn presents evidence he believes implicates the two officers in the crime. While Officer Papineau repeatedly to denies that he was involved in planting the drugs, and even directly accuses Lawhorn of planting it, this position would soon change. Internal Affairs Sgt. Brian Tate would inform Lawhorn that several meetings had taken place surrounding the incident, and that these meetings included Columbia Police Chief Ken Burton and members of the department’s command staff.

Soon after these meetings Officers Papineau and Terranova went to the Boone County Prosecutor's Office, stating they believed that the vehicle had not been searched properly prior to the arrest. Internal Affairs Sgt. Brian Tate would tell Lawhorn that he wholeheartedly believed in his innocence, but refused to indicate if any follow would be done to determine the source of the methamphetamine.

An Internal Affairs investigation into the incident sustained charges of failing to properly search a patrol vehicle prior to transporting a prisoner against both officers. They were cleared on all other charges.

See IA Finding Here:

All charges against Lawrence Lawhorn in relation to this incident were subsequently dismissed by Boone County Assistant Prosecutor Stephanie Morrell. Although many people would be happy to see criminal charges against them dismissed, Lawhorn was disappointing. Lawhorn had offered to take lie detector tests coordinated by the Boone County Prosecutor’s Office, as well as submit to DNA and fingerprint analysis on the bag the narcotics were contained in. He was looking forward to proving his innocence in a court of law, as well as proving the allegations he was leveling at the officers.

Lawhorn believes the department feared what might have happened had he been granted his day in court. He also believes they have conducted absolutely no follow up into the source of the narcotics, as they are fully aware where they came from.

Chris Papineau was removed from his position as a Street Crimes Detective and sent to the Patrol Division.

This isn't Chris Papineau's first time in the public spotlight. Last year, Citizens For Justice released videos showing the officer hurl insults and attempt to fight 17-year old Cezan "CJ" Stock, as Sgt. Roger Schlude pointed a gun at him:

Lawhorn also hired a private investigator firm to investigate the police in the matter:

Stay tuned to Citizens For Justice as more updates become available:

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