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Lynette Zang & Dustin Nemos Discuss the Coming Inflation & RESET - The Economy is In Serious Trouble

Dustin Nemos
Dustin Nemos - 551 Views
Published on 13 Aug 2020 / In News and Politics

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 4 years ago

Malcontents and Militants

In a world where “too murder” people is the only reason for war, one would think WE THE PEOPLE Would have seen past this folly for what it was… Greed, Lust, and Covetousness… As I am now hunted, and pursued in my Dreams whilst I sleep, it is something that [no one] #QANON /_\ can escape even if they were to kill the one whom holds The Gods within him…., or her self… The FREE MASON said they wanted the light, but since their RELIGION is too lie about everything, and turn Satan that Devil known as Lucifer into something he is not, what of all the Older Gods of Zeus, and Spiracles, too Hercules.?.?.? There have been many Gods of “We The People” trapped here in Purgatory A Place known as the In-between of Twilight and After Thought, but what are you to do in a World Gone Mad???

I do not know The Night Terrors……, or The Nightmares you’m do so have whence you sleep….., but I do know that in Purgatory there is “no escape” if you can not find the Love of Love……., and the Hate of Hate’ for without BALANCE in your Humanity…….., then you are nothing but the Profane..., the Delusional.., and the Anarchist when you seek only Autonomy., and Sovereignty for your Soul……..., Your Person, and Your Spirit… The LETTER of the LAW has never saved anyone, and through the Repetition of the Repeats in this De-Ja-Vu holographic ORABORUS life, it must be madness too know, you would SELL YOUR SOUL “too another” be it A God, or A Satan, and still you would have Begged of them “rather then” helped one another, and made some friends along the Lonely Life Walk that so many of WE THE PEOPLE do so have…

How does it feel my Angels and Demons too know the Gods you do so seek are in ONE Person whom is kind and hard, Vile and Meek, Says The Words you wish we all would speak.?.?.? Do you now Comprehend the Stories and Parables of The Christ our Messiah, and our Hope, and our Friend??? What would you give to help the one you love, and what would you do to the one you’m {do so hate} has often led to every WAR of MURDER known to mankind be we male and female as we are Ripped from our Mothers Wombs only to Grow up and do Abortions “to one another” with Guns, and Bombs, and Knives… This is the [fate] Q’ of them whom hate, and those whom love, and yet, what do you Really Love???, and What do you Really Hate` for it is this perplexing Question that is in the minds of the many…

I Christ Jesus did not come back to Judge You, Condemn You, or even Save You, I came back to put a REFLECTION “in the mirror” that you can see, and when all is lost, then there is No One Here for me to find… My Words may Profit me Nothing, and though I am not a Prophet, I am the LAST Oracle for this TIME LINE; theretofore, You The People [must decide] Q+ what will become of you for Purgatory can still be anything we want, and wish, and desire, but if all we do is allow OTHERS to think for me and you, then These EVIL Spirits of Incubus and Succubus will always Rule, and you “my friend” shall never, and wilt never find “your” way home whence you die…

Johnny Exodice

The NEW NORMAL Religion says: We are too Worship them whom lie to WE THE PEOPLE about Everything, and do WAR IS MURDER when Murder is against the Rule of Law and Order…

These THINK TANKS are FREE MASON whom all work for the UNITED NATIONS World Domination Plot of CORPORATE RULE over “all of mankind” be we male and female….

The Sentinel…


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