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Lori Lightfoot Loses, Does Tucker Have The J6 Tapes? Brain AI, China Made HIV "PseudoVirus" 2008

Published on 01 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

Lori Lightfoot has come in last place in the Chicago Mayoral Runoff Election, falling to last place and garnering a paltry 16.4% of the final vote. Does Tucker Carlson have the January 6th Tapes yet? Will he first have to ask for permission to view certain parts of them and then have them declassified in order for the public to see them? If this is the case it doesn't seem like transparent process, it seems more clouded than the Twitter releases which had to first be ok'd with Twitter's lawyer before release. Why won't McCarthy release the documents to the public for them to view? Why the gatekeeping? Chicago inmates allege guards pushed them to vote in tight mayoral election. Army secretary predicts China will attack U.S. homeland, if "major war" breaks out. Elon Musk while previously warning of the perils of AI, now wants to develop his own AI Chat bot. Scientists now think AI can be created from human brains. Seattle police department caught using AI to spy on cops. Trump rages at Rupert Murdoch Dominion lawsuit deposition. There is no plan for John Fetterman to step down says the Governor of Pennsylvania. Treasury department is obstructing investigation into Biden Inc. Zelensky hints at withdrawing from Bakhmut citing they are "running out of options." Has Bakhmut already fallen and we aren't made aware of it yet? Ukrainian kamikaze drone crashes 68 miles short of the Kremlin. Why did China create an Hiv "Pseudovirus" combining parts of HIV and SARS in 2008? New York Times, MSNBC slammed over "debunked" lab leak stories. As egg prices soar, new bills would allow Texans to have chickens in their backyards. Vanguad CEO abandons ESG investing alliance. House Oversight official demands Treasury official testify after delaying Biden records. EPA Toxicological review of Vinyl Chloride reaffirms that it is a "known human carcinogen". 9/11 plane part found in alley near World Trade Center in 2013. Why were there no black boxes recovered from the world trade center site, what happened to the planes engines? New York City law enforcement begins to raid illegal pot shops, over 1,000 exist in the five boroughs due to the cities slow rollout of legal dispensaries. Jim Biden's letter found offering their services to Qatari Prince in 2017. Why did the Biden's continue to grift even when Joe is out of power? Teen who beat up teacher was arrested 3 times previously in 2019, will now be charged as an adult and held on 1 million dollars bond. Vermont kidnap victim drives off while hands still tied. Representative Jim Jordan blasts Merrick Garland's refusal to appoint a special counsel in Hunter Biden probe. GOP fends off effort to block curbs on federal censorship of social media users. More news.

(Existenz 1999)

(Difference in Receptor Usage between Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS) Coronavirus and SARS-Like Coronavirus of Bat Origin)

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gang 3 months ago

nothing was found near wtc ... track cheney small brain spamming web with dalai lama vomit

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who is track cheney?

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