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Biden Does NOT Have The Back Of Black America. 🖕🤪😂🤣😈🇺🇸

superdavebeastula - 142 Views
Published on 14 May 2024 / In News and Politics

Nope. Poopy Pants Biden Does NOT Have the back of ANY American, not even black or any visible minority. The only thing that holds his interest is his own and that of his elite allies. His policies are putting America under a HUGE debt.

Here's the article from The American Spectator that we used.

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TwoFeather 1 month ago

don't worry, it's All A Game. they have been playing this same game on the voters for many years.
they put in one president, that seems alright for a while, then they start tearing him down to look bad.
when they think the voters are angry enough, they give you another color of suit guy.
then they make this guy so terrible that the voters will take anyone but this guy again.
so they switch back to another color of suit guy. Remember they are Only Allowing a Red or Blue Suit guy to choose from.
and those Red or Blue suit guys are controlled by the same exact controller.
they offer just a Little Bit of a change between each of them But You Never get the Full Coverage of Change that You Want.
I've been here to see a lot of them come and go and Not Once has any of them rolled back all the laws against our freedoms.
they are all quick to add on more laws restricting our freedoms but never roll them away forever.

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