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Long Range Glocks: The Forgotten Long Slides

Nutnfancy - 58,442 Views
Published on 09 Jun 2021 / In Firearms

Tactical Doodle and I go table top on this one. We'll talk about Dad's cool F100 Super Sabre as we kick it off. Then we talk about several, mostly-forgotten Glock long slides. We seek to remind you good guys how xlnt they are. All this was driven home to us after extended outings and ammo expenditures. They are accurate, reliable, and hit very hard in these calibers. One quirk is discussed.

Extended Envelope Engagements acronym (EEE) makes its first appearance in this 2 for 1 GRV. TD calls them "hard ballers!" We'll discuss their interesting POU, SAWC, firepower, and the like. We'll again make the case, especially with a brace, how these are really pistol caliber carbines. Highly recommended...if you can find them.

Gear featured here:

Burris FastFire III tiny red dot sights, xlnt, I like the 2 MOA version:
Deep Blue's amazing watches, they're all xlnt: Boker XXL Kalashnikov satin black:
Boker XXL Kalashnikov Desert Warrior, our fave:
Boker XXL Kalashnikov Tactical Black:

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Video is in 720p so as to be uploadable to UGETube. They have a size limit on the videos still. I'm a long format video creator!

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MeanNugly 1 year ago

40 is a great caliber. You only lose 2 rounds in a magazine and get a more effective round usually.

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no0negun 1 year ago

Glock 40 MOS! Good enough for bears is good enough

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AvalancheDiode 1 year ago

Is TD born that way, or nutn you taught and raised him to be so funny? Can you make a vid on that?

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Obscura 1 year ago

When I was an FFL, I had a Glock 10mm with a red dot come in on trade. I regret selling it. I did take it to the range and it was fun to shoot.

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IHateCommunists 1 year ago

Love my glock 40, impossible to find holsters for, gotta go custom
if anyone has a g40 and a g20 safariland with a streamlight tlr-1 on it, and want to tell me if the g40 with light fits the g20 safariland, let me know xD

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