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Lies narcissists tell you / narcissism

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Published on 27 Jan 2022 / In Spiritual

#narcissism #narcissists #gaslighting


Home2022-01-26 7 despicable lies narcissist tell you
2022-01-26 7 despicable lies narcissist tell you

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1 I'm your friend

Or, "I love you," in a romantic relationship

2 You can trust me

Narcissists understand relationships and give and take
You give. They take.

3 You can depend on me

Narcissists want you to believe they have your back
that his or she can be trusted

It's what I call the Hansel and Gretel syndrome

4 You can be open with me

You view the narcissist as a shoulder to cry on
They view you as a source of supply

The more you cry on their should
the more data they have to use against you during their smear campaign

5 I'm honest

Narcissists want you to believe they are people of highest integrity
It's kind of like Honest Bob's Used Cars
You may want to check public records at the county and state

6 It's a big misunderstanding

Once caught in a scam, the narcissist is quite gifted in making YOU
feel like the fool. You simply misunderstood.

That leads to...

7 I can explain

Narcissists can explain away most anything.
They have knack for flipping the story.
In their version, they were simply responding to you.
It was all your fault.

8 You've got problems (arrogant) (others)

When the smear campaign begins in earnest
you are portrayed as the bad guy.
You have serious problems and the narcissist will explain
— as he recruits flying monkeys — that you are the bad guy

9 Avoid for your own good (others)

During the smear campaign, the narcissist will try to convince others
that you should be avoided because you are dangerous.
The reason is, of course, that when others engage with you
the get the true story.
That's why its wise to document your narcissist's nefarious activities
before you are discarded.

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