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Published on 04 Dec 2023 / In Select Category

‘It’s crazy out there’: The reasons behind Oregon’s deepening drug crisis

Fueled by fentanyl, the number of overdose deaths in Oregon has soared since 2019. And while the surge in overdoses is part of a national problem, the state’s underfunded treatment system is struggling to provide local solutions

For years, Oregonians have reported some of the highest rates of substance use disorder in the nation on federal surveys. The opioid crisis is nearly three decades old and use of methamphetamine, long Oregon’s deadliest drug, has not abated. At the same time, the state consistently has among the lowest treatment availability in the country, according to surveys conducted by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

Pressure to change Oregon's hard drug decriminalization is growing

Oregon's first-in-the nation drug decriminalization law is facing a serious challenge as Portland and other cities plan to lobby state lawmakers to reform or repeal it.

Portland can't enforce its recent ban on hard drug use in public until the law changes.

Why it matters: Measure 110, approved by 58% of voters in 2020, decriminalized possession of small amounts of hard drugs and directed cannabis tax money to support addiction treatment.

Re-criminalization could change addiction policy and spending for years to come, and the law's supporters warn repealing it could harm people who want to quit using drugs.

Indiana Catholic women’s college now accepting men who identify as women

Saint Mary’s College in Notre Dame, Indiana — historically a school for undergraduate women — will now be accepting men who identify as women.

The school’s president confirmed the change to students and faculty in an email last week. The college also updated its nondiscrimination policy in June and referenced the new policy there.

The nondiscrimination policy, which was approved by its board of trustees, says that Saint Mary’s “considers admission for undergraduate applicants whose sex is female or who consistently live and identify as women.”

Trump derangement syndrome evolved into a disease

By now you’ve heard the phrase Trump derangement syndrome, but maybe it’s time you graduated from syndrome to disease, because while a syndrome refers to symptoms, a disease refers to an established condition, and Trump derangement is just that.

It’s a disease much like alcoholism, where what defines it is an incapability to process booze, and that delicious MAGA-martini is Trump. No pill can stop it. No therapy dog or therapy llama can alleviate it. Those who have it are already paranoid, but they’re also loons with annoying wives who are most susceptible.

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