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Knowing God's Purpose For Your Life... The Source of Joy

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Published on 20 Sep 2022 / In Spiritual

I you do the work of reorganizing our priorities and broadening your perspective to embrace eternity you will see purpose in your life... and when you see that purpose you will find joy... no matter what!

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Rejoice, Because Your Life Has Purpose

A great and horrible lie taken root in our society... the lie is this: "human life has no purpose". We are not created beings with a great destiny to fulfill. We are a highly improbable accident that came about by a series of random events. We come from nothing and our end is nothing. In between the best we can do is grab a bit of pleasure and enjoyment until the day we die.

God's message to you is that your life does have purpose... and knowing that purpose is the way to find great joy... no matter what your circumstances.

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