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Your gifts and blessings from God | Being grateful to give rather than receiving | Finding your purpose

DemonX212 [Conspiracy FACTIST]
Published on 08 Jun 2024 / In Spiritual

Support the source of this clip by Jumpers Jump Podcast on YouTube and their Spotify:

These young men are creative and talented on "conspiracy theory" talk. On my downtime, I'm watching these guys and I watched this episode a month ago, but saved the clip.

So wholesome to see that younger generations are seeking their purpose in life, trying to unlock their full potential, and giving thanks to the Most High in the process.

The world we are in... every means of our lives, they (the satanist) are trying to rip us apart from God and to envy the false treasures of this planet. God made us to advance life and to continue the share times of blessings, faith, and sharing HIS truths!

I'm glad people are starting to realize God is real, God can bless or destroy, God can expose those who are and aren't for you, and God can set you apart in achieving your promise land in the end of all of this!

Be blessed and be safe! ONE LOVE!!

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