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Karen Hudes' Last Video Vlog of 2022

JamesRoss - 333 Views
Published on 22 Jan 2023 / In People and Blogs

It was something like April 1st, 2020 that Karen was worshipping with her favorite song: "Oh, What a Beautiful Morning" which alluded to the "New Dawn" of the NWO. Turns out, that same day, Trump spoke from behind a podium with the presidential seal removed and the USA flag was removed from the stage. That was when the new A.i. supercomputer "Lucifer" took over world governance and began conducting the plandemic for the NWO:
What happened to exposing the Homo capensis species or the failed species of mankind that ruled from the Vatican? Brien Foerster still exposes those ancient monsters:

I still get the impression that Hudes was a Judas Goat from the beginning. Thank her for not telling the sheeple to line for the arranged sheep-slaughter injections, but the brainchip zombies are likely next in this war against the non-Cult people awakening:


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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

Karen passed away at 3:07am this morning October 27,2022.

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