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Kaku is CucKoo For Coco-Science-[Puffed ] (that Prostituted Handmaiden for A.i.)

JamesRoss - 156 Views
Published on 02 Mar 2023 / In Technology

Einstein was just a Hollywood embellished genius(he failed math thus was not a child-prodigy) [was a freemason]
Stephen Hawkings was not a wheel-chair genius but a was just along for the wheelchair-ride controled and spoken by Freemasonic.
You getting the picture? Public figures are just puppets to take you attention away from the freemasons building the wheels of the hidden machine and greasing the parts to run smoothly.

Kaku is just another gear-greaser.

Black Holes were a "Hawkings invention" to keep gravity alive where electrostatic forces prevail.
(same thing goes for dark-matter and dark-energy lies) Western-society is held together with lies so when the liars stop greasing the wheels, then that machine falters.
In it's place is a pre-engineered NWO, you see...

The was to stop the NWO is to stop the microwaves and devise a truthful society and ban the Luciferic-Freemason any authority. Ban their brainchips as those who deal with the devils.

And you will likely save humanity, too.

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gang 3 months ago

core of earth turns in crust reverse mode as washing machine drum cumulating and draining water in opposite clock way

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