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Canadian Gov and Infowars Are Luciferian Prostituted-Handmaidens Towards THEIR Fake NWO

JamesRoss - 278 Views
Published on 29 Nov 2022 / In Entertainment

Why is it "Fake?"
Because Freemasons, too, are in the process of being "euthanized" by their lying wicked masters. So the joke of death will be on these traitors because the Creator-God will be on the other side of death. There is no such thing as a mind/soul upload or transfer, I can assure all the treacherous souls who destroy their precious "selves" with murderous-intent there will be NOOO "Ad Astra" for any of these treacherous, fake-government, murderous Freemasons. Their souls are becoming forfeit by their willingness to destroy their own genetics.

Rease exposes euthanasia in Canada?
That is what all Judas goats do...
They gather a following of sheep by stating the obvious, then they mislead.
Freemasons have been running around trying to murder me for 16 years, but I survive and so will you within the Creator-God's miraculous playground. Freemasons and the Canadian Government hide the fact that I still live after so many assassination attempts. The secret as to how and why is found within the Sethbooks. I am not Christian, I am a Sethbook-reader... And I have discovered why Freemasons cannot murder me and why their ugly-souls are decaying away from eternal-existence.

Cult minions do not realize their souls are in their own hands and that following the devils will help them destroy their own souls. Only the possessor can destroy their own soul. That is a gift from our Creator-God to be able to do this. The unworthy souls destroy themselves. Take heed Infowars and Bill Hicks, you people are upon the path of destroying your own souls.

Look at this Logo of Infowars with the "Space Odessey 2001" as the backdrop. The black monolith is their biblical "BEAST"... it is their symbol of the ancient A.i. supercomputer they now worship as "Lucifer" their rebuilt, self-flaming, fake god.

Luciferians worship world governance by their beast, you see... slowly the freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs plan to exterminate all the sheeple. So they plan to do the biddings of their wicked masters, Homo capensis.

Infowars is another Judas goat organization that makes a name for itself as a leader of freedom, but they are just another controlled-opposition to that tyranny that all freemasons living on your own city block are helping to see come-about.

They are in their commitment to genocide those dumbed down sheeple and identify the resistors. Protesting in public is what the monsters want, you see... so they can brainchip them and character-assassinate them and then concentration-camp them.

Infowars mocks the sheeple with their video clip of the black monolith and the freemasons think they are in the winning tribe of monsters who genetically come from the monkeys before the splicing of Homo capensis genetics into Neanderthals making Homo sapiens.

When Anon complains about fake protests, he is unaware that the entire protest was put on by the NWO to identify the resistant sheeple for brainchipping.

Yes, I can tell that Infowars crew and Bill Hicks are actors and they are playing controlled opposition to the NWO with their brainchips telling them all what to do.

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JamesRoss 2 months ago  

copied from source:


Canadian gov't.

"After March 17, 2023, people with a mental illness as their sole underlying medical condition will have access to MAID if they meet all of the eligibility requirements and the practitioners fulfill the safeguards that are put in place for this group of people."

Dr, William Makis

"Unvaccinated patients have a mental problem and should be put on psychiatric medication - CPSO"

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an hour ago

Sexy Stars

2 hours ago

Democrat Group Go Now

3 hours ago

Canada..whats it going to take before you assassinate TurdHoe & his treasonous tribe

4 hours ago

The movie "Died Suddenly " is very good!

4 hours ago
Chirho Knight

Dr Mengele`s evil is being surpassed by those that defeated the Nazis, I can`t believe this what was the point of defeating the Nazis, so we can become the thing we hate?

6 hours ago
Fred Jones

Non of this would be happening today had Donald Trump moved against these fuckers during his 4 years as President and boasting that he had 200 generals on his side. The greatest military error in human history and now the planet is ruined. Whose side is he really on ???????

6 hours ago

MUST WATCH: Prepare For A Dark Winter

7 hours ago

Dating Pro

8 hours ago

Canada is now a Totalitarian Marxist dictatorship. Even Tucker Carlson straight-up called Canada out as now a dictatorship, as far back as February 2022. Have Canadians forgotten so soon? When peaceful trucker protesters arrived, Little Castro called them Nazis and invoked martial law (withOUT the required legal Parliamentary process). Ticketed or arrested people without bail, canceled their trucking insurance, raped their bank accounts, stole their trucks. Even raped the bank accounts of people who sent a $20 donation for food or bought a trucker protester t-shirt online. Trampled protesters with horses. And Little Castro continued at his own whim with his anti-science mask & vaccine mandates, visitors arriving to Canada (until October 2022) subject to either mandatory (useless and deadly) vaccines or a stay in an isolation camp (quarantining against an almost entirely non-fatal flu). Isolation camps that still stand at-the-ready for Little Castro to use at will.

AND NOW no more guns. Dictatorships, or those aspiring to dictatorship, always seek to outlaw guns so the people cannot stand up to their overlords. AND NOW Government Assisted Suicide just for the asking. AND NOW government censorship of information that does not agree with the Marxist narratives. AND NOW talking about throwing jab-refusers into mental asylums. All of this "for your safety, Canada."

Canadians had their chance to stop this Marxist dictatorship overthrow of their democracy. Remember when the truckers first arrived in Ottawa? Little Castro was so scared, so vulnerable, that he went into hiding because he thought the truckers would actually DO SOMETHING TO HIM? The truckers were within an inch of taking down Marxist dictator Little Castro just like Marxist dictator Ceausescu was taken down. But what did the truckers do instead? They honked their horns and played street hockey and put-up bouncy-castles. And sat around waiting for Little Castro to come to some sort of moral epiphany and repent. Giving Little Castro the time he needed to assemble enough power to crown himself dictator and to solidify his power.

And what are Canadians going to do about it NOW? Well they are still screaming & protesting. So here's the news flash Canadians. Protesting is not 'fighting for freedom,' it is 'whining for freedom.' Whining is not fighting; fighting is putting up your fists and swinging. Dictators do not capitulate to whining, they squash it using whatever violent methods are at their disposal.

The truth of the matter is that Canadians now only have two choices ... revolution or submission.

If Canadians choose submission, then they deserve what the new Trudeau Totalitarian Marxist dictatorship will impose on them, which will be neither righteous or benevolent. Or Canadians can choose full-out revolution and/or province secessions. So stop whining and start choosing.

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a few seconds ago

You do realize what those monkeys jumping around the black monolith means behind the infowars logo... they support the nwo, all of their crew, not just Bill Hicks.

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