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John Van Zyl Interviews Lt. Colonel Neall Ellis, Honoris Crux Recipient. Fighting Men of Rhodesia, Episode 200.

For Ourselves And Our Posterity
Published on 15 Jun 2023 / In People and Blogs

This is a great series by John Van Zyl on Rhodesian Fighting Men, preserving their history and the legacy of freedom. We have not forgotten Rhodesia. We are all Rhodesia now.

"Neall Ellis HC is a South African military aviator and mercenary. Raised in Bulawayo, he joined the South African Air Force after a brief stint in the Rhodesian Army. As a helicopter pilot he was awarded the Honoris Crux decoration in 1983, and later attained field rank. After retiring from the SAAF he contracted for various private military corporations, including Executive Outcomes and Sandline International. During the civil war in Sierra Leone, he and his Mi-24 crew held off Revolutionary United Front (RUF) forces almost single-handedly. He also provided fire support for British troops during Operation Barras."

"When you read how he got his Honoris Crux, then you realise what an absolute hero that this man was/is"

"What characters and heroes Rhodesia has produced, some of the best fighting men ever!"

John Van Zyl ~ Fighting Men of Rhodesia, episode 200 ~ Lt Colonel Neall Ellis, Honoris Crux ~ iMK8Q_Zw7P4 720p

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The Marquis
The Marquis 10 days ago

Africa was better for the service of men like Neall Ellis and his European comrades.

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Charles Martel 732
Charles Martel 732 19 days ago

What an inspiring man

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White Lives Matter 1776

We need to show the same mettle as our predecessors and ancestors. Never give up, and never forget.

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Roberta Leigh
Roberta Leigh 5 months ago

Our world is blessed by strong, brave men who will fight the Marxists and not give in.

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Beach Life
Beach Life 5 months ago

Thanks to Neall Ellis and the other brave men who fought communism in Africa.

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