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Jim and Diane, WALK AND TALK, Apr 21, 2024, HOAXBUSTERS; Foreign aid to Ukraine and Israel; TRUMP.mp4

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Published on 22 Apr 2024 / In People and Blogs

*** AH’s (135th) Birthday
*** Actors/Singers being KILLED OFF in Hollywood
*** JFK assassination
*** The Mass House pushed swiftly through a series of votes in a rare Saturday session to approve $95 billion in foreign aid for Ukraine, Israel and other US allies after months of struggle.
*** Failure of the s-election process
*** TRUMP, (CRIME) GROCERY LIST and Articles of FAILURES, Nov 25, 2023:
1) ISRAEL (not America) FIRST
2) WARP SPEED - Vax mass murders in the millions - as Dianna said, people would NOT have taken the vax if Trump hadn't endorsed it. Had Hillary endorsed it - Trump supporters wouldn't have taken it. Trump declared he had COVID, took the vax and boosters, took Remdesivir in the hospital - likely ALL placebos (?) to 'important' people.
3) Jan 6 Supporter Betrayal - labeling it as RIOT, INSURRECTION (They were there for him).
4) LGBTQXYZ Endorsement.
5) Trump Supports Transgender Miss Universe Pageant Contestants
Trump owned the rights to the Miss Universe Pageant. In 2012, the Canadian entrant for Miss Universe was a male at birth and a biological male. The long standing rules for the Miss Universe Pageant was the contestant must have been born a FEMALE.
In 2012, the judges and pageant administrators who had been officiating the Miss Universe Pageant for years, they barred this Canadian biological male from competing in the 2012 Miss Universe Pageant. Trump, as owner of the rights to the pageant, he stepped in and FORCED the judges and pageant administrators to allow a biological male to compete against the true females in the pageant. Remember, this was 2012, over 10 years ago, as such, Trump was and is a pioneer in Transgender Rights. Trump was also the first president to appoint a sodomite to be a Presidential cabinet member.
6) Gun Control = "confiscate the guns first, deal with it in court later"
*** Gun Control, Red flag laws, FBI definition, Domestic Terrorists, circa Feb 3, 2020
7) Supporting FAKE NEWS/INFO Prevention (what? like censorship of PC incorrect info???)
9) The wall was not constructed AND (More illegals came into the U.S. under Trump than Obama) publicity.
10) Election Fraud to be handled but wasn’t. Those who attempted to fight this battle were persecuted and Trump was NOT to be found to defend them in dealing with the corrupted DOMINION voting machines as well as the bogus mail-in ballots in the swing states.
11) Antisemitism (criticism of Israel? questioning the holocaust? Pro-palestinian stand?) punishable by death. (circa Oct 2018) Dec 20, 2019, Trump Executive Order on antisemitism
Pastor Chuck Baldwin:
... Geopolitics & Empire: Trump as a Globalist Trojan Horse, Martial Law, & Civil War #148
... Neocons are the swamp

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