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“It’s Time to Start Blaming Unvaccinated Folks – Not the Regular Folks” – Alabama Governor Dehumanizes Unvaccinated People (VIDEO)

Martin Brodel
Martin Brodel - 231 Views
Published on 23 Jul 2021 / In News and Politics
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lynnbrandi 2 months ago

I'm really sorry to say the med beds can do so much for all kinds of people and their situation and conditions. But the scientist woman that explain this in a long video said that the only thing the med beds can't do is basically anyone that's got the shot because the persons DNA has been changed so that changes what the med beds can do and it won't work sorry to say

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Model-Nutty 2 months ago

title: well well.. another "Governor" who needs to GO (maybe to prison).
yeah, DeSantis has been iffy overall, wouldn't want him as President.
masks = +2,000% profits to China they can give political kickbacks from,
on top of masks not working, they can contaminate them too.
get ill they'll say "covid" and wrangle you for a slow/fast kill shot.
"well isn't that special?"

we're dealing with mask zombies and vaxx zombies, gee thanks "MSM".
the MSM is party to genocide, we're not seeing the full effects.. YET.

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