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Blaming The Unvaccinated? Cabal lies, misinformation & desperation to poison everyone is EVIL

Slawomir Slowianin
Slawomir Slowianin - 208 Views
Published on 01 Aug 2021 / In Health

Blaming Unvaxxed For Vaccine Failure? by The Highwire with Del Bigtree

Cabal blaming the unvaxed but in fact THEY ARE the ones who are at fault.
THEY created "pandemic", and SCAMdemic with fraudulent PCR tests, they've been killing people with their satanic lockdowns, muzzles, restrictions and experimental gene therapy still in trials LIYING all of this is for our good. Soulles psychopaths...ROT in HELL!

They are hiding the deaths caused by this injection. Only 1% get reported but still they have to hide the deaths.

ALL covid vaccines are bio weapons. They all contain graphene oxide. Mainstream media is vigorously suppressing and censoring the real data regarding covid vax injuries and deaths. The mainstream media is bought and paid for the world "elite". We are worthless "cattle" to them. They want to get rid of us. It is all part of the depopulation agenda and we are in the midst of a horrible world genocide. Fauci, Birx, Gates and other cabal psychopaths should be arrested and charged with crimes against humanity. ALL vax pushers should be rounded up, arrested and charged with crimes against humanity.

I couldn't care less about people with adverse reactions. They chose to sell their souls to the devil by agreeing to the 666 vaccination. The should be culled in my opinion because they turned their back on humanity and GOD.


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