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Is Covid-19 a Nail in the Coffin for Cash

Joseph fisher
Joseph fisher - 219 Views
Published on 06 May 2020 / In Film and Animation

A cashless society will give the government a lot of control over your life.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 11 months ago




Now it would do you “little good” for any Teacher or Commander to tell you all things, and not make you do [your own research] /_\ on words and meanings for so many “words” have come to WE THE PEOPLE` from the ancients……., but in this day and age of the PROJECT BLUE BEAM (COVID19) Alien Invasion by them {2 Continents} left off the UNITED NATIONS Antarctica Treaty, we would do well to know many people whom walk among us as “Global Citizens” / * \ are all for their NEW WORLD ORDER and are at WAR with we “of and for” +=+ OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition….

Many do not “just come” as Doppelgangers [{**}] from Other Dimensional Realms…..., but they were born here as you and I and “raised” in a BELIEF System be it the FREE MASON U.S. FLAG that ACT OF 1871 [never ratified] [{*}] by any U.S. Congress to date………, and then too say: COLUMBIA is to be the “District” that all the Nations of the WORLD must Bow Down to as the U.S. FLAG of these U.N. FLAGS “is the” W.H.O. world police…….., but let us take A freakishness that Our NONMASON in Venezuela kicked the “U.S. Military” and U.S. Coast Guards asses in an ASSASSINATION Attempt of one “of their own” fellow FREE MASON world leaders saying the U.S. MILITARY was down there to STOP (Drug Cartels) when everyone knows THE U.S. FLAG Military is the only DRUG Dealing “Cartel” in this World with all their Micro Soft Bill Gates Potions and Concoction of VACCINES as is it not “ODDTV” that the U.S. Government would Try to Take out [one of their own] FREE MASON Lodge Members “whom runs” that Latin America Nation for He “does teach” their UNITED NATIONS “International Mafia” FAKE SPACE Moon Landing Bull Shit as all “U.N. FLAGS” World Leaders do….


These FREE MASON lodge members “have a saying” that Decent is allowed……., so let us all Decent be we “FREED MASONS” or nonmason……..., and those hard core (hold outs) can just WORSHIP their Goddess COLUMBIA……., but there is not one “Rational Reason” North and South Korea can not become one again just as EAST and WEST “Germany” has done for a human population united is the HERD IMMUNITY we all seek and desire “from these” UNITED NATIONS Freemason W.H.O. (COVID19) lodges!!!!!


Time to dispose of the {W.H.O. - W.T.O.} and the I.M.F and “of course” Disband THE UNITED NATIONS and Establish OUR WORLD REPUBLIC CONSTITUTION Coalition once and for all!!!!!

The Society of nonmason~



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