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Invasion by stealth (And they are doing it while we watch the News That Its Happening)

JamesRoss - 355 Views
Published on 20 Feb 2024 / In People and Blogs

The Freemasons, Templars and Luciferians running Western Civilization are using their mass-media monopoly to show illegals entering the countries... While the non-cUlt sworn citizens are expecting the cUlt-sworn thUgs to stop the illegals from coming in...
Brainchipped supersoldiers:
Remote-control Toddler Soldiers:

Look a Poland... The people had enough control over the politicians to keep their boarder closed to illegals, but now with a Masonic flip-flop of Luciferian leaders... We are about to see the borders open to the illegals so the Freemasons can use them as scapegoats for their treachery.


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