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International-Corporate Food Store Chains => Weaponized For Famine-Attacks By NWO

JamesRoss - 249 Views
Published on 26 Feb 2024 / In Non-profits and Activism

NWO Population-reduction will be orchestrated through Masonic International Food Distribution Corporations. Illegals will be the destroyers of food rationing... Freemasons-traitors are already letting thugs walk away with ganging up on and kicking police in the heads and attacking security guards. Communism is just around the corner with the illegal-aliens to act as scape-goats to hide the treacherous Masons and Eastern-Stars, Templars, Jesuits, upper JWs, upper-Catholics, etc.,

In Vietnam the Corporations have less ability to starve-out the public because they people are directly involved in growing and distributing their produce.

Take Venezuela for example... the socialist-collectivists took over the politics and police and the non-socialist people starved and were beat into submission by the police/military.

Western Civilization is next while the USA is being orchestrated to collapse by Masons in positions of authority... illegal-supersoldier(brainchipped-bio-robots) are allowed to invade by taxpayer funding... These invading asylum-seekers are not following any laws as they enter the country... so they are a lawless people who will steal from the taxpayers until the republic collapses from lawless invaders. Freemasons will not save the USA because they are transforming into brainchipped-hivemind "New-Atlanteans." North America was planned to become "New Atlantis"... for example William Cooper exposed a 1916 Rosicrucian Convocation which linked the Hebrew to Masons to Mormons to Catholics... but only the "elite" members.

The Freemason don't care about anymore voting during elections... they already started their police-state with "operation-Covid-19" or (Satan's Sheep Slaughter).

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