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Injected Patients Show Damage to Their Blood Cells

Walk In Verse
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Published on 10 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

The blood of many vaccinated patients has been studied and in both France & Germany they found that the blood is showing severe Rouleaux Formation.

Rouleaux formation results in impaired perfusion (blood circulation) and tissue oxygenation.

Conditions that typically cause rouleaux formation include infections, multiple myeloma, inflammatory and connective tissue disorders, and cancers.
▪︎1:16 - 1st photo - Blood stacked up like coins (rouleaux)
▪︎1:41 - 2nd photo - Metallic structure
▪︎2:10 - 3rd photo - Tubular structure
▪︎2:30 - Rouleaux blood formation explained
▪︎3:26 - 4th photo - severe red blood cell damage
▪︎5:00 - Photos of what they found when examining the contents of the J&J vial under a microscope
▪︎6:39 - "We've got to warn people because they're giving this to children."
▪︎8:08 - Peters: "Whoever's not warning you about the dangers here is complicit"
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