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Renaud Be
Renaud Be - 322 Views
Published on 25 Nov 2022 / In News and Politics

When signed in, Twitter let you think that all is OK, while they really block the search for your name, and totally sabotage your visibility down to zero, so no one can find you, unless they have the direct internet link, which Twitter will never give you; And this hypocrisy, still goes on, with Elon Musk, supposedly in charge. Easy way to check, if your visibility is being sabotaged by Twitter, is to sign out, and then, make a direct search for your name, and check for comments that you just recently made, which will no longer appear; And if that is the case, don't bother signing back in again, and just leave the hypocrite social media, communist controlled really, platform, and start looking for more respectful alternatives, that will welcome, and totally respect, your legal, and constitutionally protected, free speech.

PS: I also used a totally different browser with no Twitter history, to double check, and got the exact same dishonest "do not exist" search results. Elon Musk is such an hypocrite to continue to play the who will be next to be reinstalled of his billionaire friends and political buddies, instead of abolishing shadow-banning and political censorship from his platform, and calling Bitchute video links as UNSAFE; while allowing direct play of corrupt YouTube videos.

#Twitter #ElonMusk #Shadowban #Censorship #Shadowbanning #Suspensed #FreeSpeech #Visibility #Hypocrisy #RenaudBe

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citvdelblvck 10 months ago

It's even worse than this, believe me. You are essentially banished to your own person feed algorithm and all interaction that you do get is AI Bot powered propaganda and subversion masquerading as friendly's to try and further effect you on a deeper level. Some of them will even take your posts and opinions and pretend to agree with you, only to later steer the conversation towards some globalist driven agenda. You might not even notice it at first, an you might not fall for it at first or at all.. but AI doesn't stop and get tired... they.. never... stop.

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JamesRoss 10 months ago

Silly... Musk is now the "richest freemason in the world"... now that he has replaced Bill Gates as the richest freemason... they are actors like the presidents in their fake political voting system.

If you want to save your world you will have to organize and replace the treacherous freemasonic politicians who arrange to loss of free speech as they all sell out their own genetics to the ancient monsters, Homo capensis:

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