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Howard Pittman's NDE- ONLY 50 OUT OF 2000 DEAD MADE IT TO HEAVEN! PLEASE WATCH - Only 50 went to Jesus and 1,950 went to HELL- THE CHURCH IS LUKEWARM AND IN SEVERE DANGER

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Published on 17 Feb 2024 / In Spiritual

In 2015 Pastor Mark sat down with Howard Pittman and heard firsthand his near death experience. Howard shared what he experienced at the point of death when his spirit left his body and he crossed over into the spiritual realm. While having this experience Howard was taken by angels and given a tour of Satan's kingdom in the 2nd heaven. He also came the entrance of heaven and had a life changing conversation with God. We hope you are impacted by this testimony and that you are made even more aware of the reality of the spiritual realm all around us.

00:00 - Pastor Mark's Intro
01:54 - The day Howard died
07:58 - Dying and entering a world of darkness (The Veil)
08:33 - Scripture coming out of the darkness
09:47 - Facing the realization of death
10:55 - The most beautiful voice in the world
13:08 - The Veil
13:52 - Satan's table/Satanic planning/Principalities
15:45 - Satan's master plan (Rev. 13:7-9)
17:32 - Spiritual warfare
19:38 - Hate and Fear
20:11 - Satan's ability
22:33 - Giant warring order of Demons
23:18 - Traveling to the Gates of Heaven
24:50 - Your Faith is Dead...
27:18 - The Compassion of God
28:34 - The 5 point message for the Church
32:47 - 97% of people going to Hell
34:32 - Tour of the 2nd Heaven

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