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Hivemind Brain Interfaces Have Taken-over True Channelling ("BASHAR the ET-alien")

JamesRoss - 97 Views
Published on 20 Nov 2023 / In Spiritual

BASHAR Predicts HUMANITYS Coming Great SHIFT in 2024

Luciferians like to convince themselves that the spiritual-soul is just an extension of the physical framework of time and space. This is why this guy claims BASHAR is an ET-alien getting into his head somehow. BASHAR is just an A.i. interface within Darryl's head that connects up to the microwave-grid. Freemasons call the A.i. within the microwaves "The Light." And you can hear Darryl aluding to the spectrum of light where Bashar comes from...
You see, the collective of Freemasons serve and protect the ancient devils or the Satan-race of monsters who live deep within the Earth's crust. They are called Remnant-Lumanians according to the Sethbooks: Jane Roberts was the real psychic that fakers play down while Seth was a messenger from AllThatIs... from the real spiritual foundations of our physical reality... The soul existed before your birth into this framework and this defies what Daryl tries pretending. Daryl could also be a bamboozled brainchip-preacher like Jonathan Kleck and Celestial preaching the end of the USA.(Luciferians use brainchip-preachers to help them undermine Western society.) Since the Tower-Of-Babel was rebuilt by Freemasonry, you can't even trust artificial ouiji-board messages. Monsters have wirelessly take control of the goyim.

It is most likely that a brainchip-interface is speaking through Daryl using microwave "Light" technology instead of the spiritual psychological bridge that Jane Roberts needed to achieve to speak for Seth.


Luciferians like to push the idea of changing society into a feudal-technocracy of tyranny. There are many brainchipped puppet-preachers on the net, now, that A.i. can take-over from Homo capensis with the jobs of misdirecting the brainchipped goyim puppet and followers.

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JamesRoss 19 days ago

You can tell that Darryl is also saying that the soul is a mathematical extension of physical life... just like Meathook-Morgue tries to convince his listeners how non-spiritual the soul is... what a joker:

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