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Channelling the TRUTH! What is REALLY Going On with HUMANITY? There's No Going Back! | Jessie Herman

The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 18 May 2023 / In Health

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Jessie Herman, also known as Jessicka (with a 'k') or JP, is a life coach, Pranic energy healer for people and their pets, an artist, and the channel for the non-physical entity group known as Vagrein.

Jessie has published 2 channeled books with Vagrein and is the creator of a life management planner tool - the GYST planner; she has worked with countless clients toward achieving their dreams and reaching their spiritual and material goals. In coaching, Jessie has the expertise in guiding people in many difficult aspects such as: moving home, living in a foreign country, quitting their job, striving for enlightenment, navigating psychic gifts, miscarriage, separation, legal issues, death/mourning, serious/chronic illness, and childhood trauma.

For the past 3 years, she also enjoyed the more esoteric side of her skillset, bringing people peace and direct guidance as the messenger for Vagrein. Jessie absolutely loves passing on their messages and true advice, which consistently up levels anyone who speaks with them towards creating their dream life.

Please enjoy my conversation with Jessie Herman.

0:00 - Episode Teaser
0:31 - What was Jesse’s life like before he had a spiritual awakening?
3:19 - What was it like channeling the first time?
7:47 - What is a channel? What does it signify?
12:27 - Is there a special diet that you need to be a channel?
15:20 - Does anybody have the ability to channel?
15:53 - Is intuition and creativity a form of channeling?
16:06 - What is consciousness?
17:04 - How do we quiet the negative self-talk in our minds?
18:47 - How do we let go of trauma in our lives?
21:02 - Do we each have a destiny and a purpose to be here?
21:40 - Before we incarnate in this life, do we create a soul plan for life?
22:34 - Are we living in a simulation?
23:45 - What is Reincarnation?
25:22 - What is the concept of the Multiverse?
36:36 - Are we the creator of our own reality?
41:14 - What is happening in the world right now?
43:13 - Vagrein's Final Message
51:13 - Living a Good Life
52:37 - Definition of God
53:03 - Ultimate Purpose of Life
53:42 - Jessie's Work
54:17 - Final Message

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