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Heavy rain caused flooding in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina underwater!.mp4

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Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Heavy rain caused flooding in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina underwater!
9 Nov
From a bird's eye view, the beautiful mountain landscape of Bosnia and Herzegovina is blurred, or rather destroyed by severe flooding. Water is everywhere: it boils in the city streets, it boils in the rivers, the level of which has risen sharply, not in the pits, but in the lakes of the fields. They hope that the worst will end after the summer floods in Europe. But a lot of water comes back in the fall. And now all the attention of flood survivors from Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands is turned to the Balkans. Floods are caused by heavy rains. Power problems are caused by overcharging. Thousands are still without light. Roads are flooded: Some towns where people need help are now only accessible by boat. The situation is deadlocked: a number of government institutions are closed, classes in schools have been canceled. It can be predicted that rain and floods in the mountainous country will turn into landslides. In some places they went down, destroying roads and buildings. So in the village of Dragana, a landslide hit several cars. In some areas, mass evacuations have been announced. Thousands were forced to flee their homes. Not everyone can get out of the flooded houses without the help of rescuers. Everything is very complicated in Sarajevo. The city is literally sinking in front of our eyes in all areas. The water of the river there not only rose due to heavy rain, but also accelerated and now passes under the city bridges. The streets were flooded. As a result, the trolleybuses stopped moving. Also do not drive a car. Drivers entered the water collectors and simply threw them into the street. Critical situation in the city of Konits. It falls from a bucket. The water level in the Nertua River is only rising. The water of the city has been cut off near the village. Authorities are now deciding how to get the aid they need: food, water, medicine, clothing. It is not easy for pets either. In one of the homeless animal shelters, there is water in the yard. At the same time, it is now very difficult to get all these dogs to a safer place. In addition, the weather forecast is disappointing. The rain did not stop until at least Sunday. Thus, Bosnia and Herzegovina fears a repeat of the devastating floods of 2014. Then in May, the Balkans were devastated by the biggest flood in more than 120 years. Serbia and Bosnia are at the center of a natural disaster. In these countries, more than one and a half million people were affected by bad weather in the first week alone.

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