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Published on 07 Dec 2021 / In News and Politics

Flooding in Oman! Cyclone Shahin destroys everything in its path!
10 Nov
A child was found dead in Oman on Sunday after Typhoon Shahin passed through the Sultanate, Oman's state news agency reported. “The missing child was found dead in the flooded area of ​​the governor of Al Amerat, Muscat,” the agency said in a statement. Relief centers in Al Amerat hosted many families affected by the hurricane. Oman has also postponed scheduled flights to the airport in the capital Muscat. The wind speed reached 116 km per hour, the storm brought heavy rain and flooding. The provinces of Muscat, North and South Al-Batinah, Al-Buraimi and South Al-Sharqiyah are expected to be the hardest to reach. In the UAE, the storm is expected to affect the southern and eastern regions. The authorities also issued a series of warnings that the dangerous situation will persist from October 3 to 5, and urged not to use beaches, go to sea and avoid lowlands. The possibility of transferring all educational institutions to distance learning in bad weather is currently being considered. Saudi Arabia's National Meteorological Center warned of the possibility of heavy rain on Monday, which determined it would not have a direct impact on the Shaheen kingdom. The storm began to form in recent days off the coast of India in the northern waters of the Arabian Sea and gained strength as it reached the entrance to the Persian Gulf. This phenomenon was recorded in this area for the first time in the history of meteorological observations. The wind speed in its center reaches 150 km / h. The typhoon also affected the territory of Iran, where, as reported, there are already wounded and missing. Now the tropical cyclone is in the desert areas north of the Sultan, and here it is plummeting. For example, according to model estimates, at this time, 20-30 mm of precipitation falls in the central zone in three hours. But by 12-13 o'clock the downpour will weaken about 10 times, and at night the rain cloud will almost completely disappear. The main reason for these unique and catastrophic weather processes is the excessive warming of the World Ocean. And now, in a changing climate, the world will increasingly face similar situations.

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