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HAM Radio Crash Course - Baofeng UV5R Basics (Before Getting Certification)

JamesRoss - 188 Views
Published on 19 Dec 2022 / In Non-profits and Activism

For less than $40 you can buy your own HAM radio and earn your very own "Call-Sign." Life has become easy as eating pie...

This is your reality: You find yourself within a silent war... Freemasons are clot-shotting your fellow citizens. You have no way of communicating if the Luciferians shut down your phones... it is war, they will do whatever they want, they are in all positions of authority and the sheeple is their current target. That likely means you are their secret enemy... even if you can't believe in a domestic-enemy within your country's borders. I have a different perspective than most sheeple because the Freemasons first started trying to murder me in 2006.

You need to learn how to use your anti-NWO-communicator, NOW before Freemasonic-politicians ban cellphones anti-war resistance to the NWO... NOW... not when you need it to save lives, maybe your own life. (My 20 years of educating sheeple started handing out CD-disks-->)
You can get a useful bang for your bucks buying a useful cheapy-radio for under $40:

Take a HAM coarse which is mostly common sense, write a test for certification, and become ready to save your community from an arranged disaster... it is coming soon:

Why will you need a wireless communicator independent of the Cellphone-towers? Because your enemy already has a secret hivemind communications network right under your nose and they plan to use it to help them kill your ass off the planet... they are called "the secret societies." And they are two-faced deceivers and they are murderous and secretly live within your neighborhood. Don't get paranoid, just get prepared so they do not surprise you when they ask you nicely to die for their cause. Their cause is the NWO and rising "New Atlantis"... Their "New Dawn" began in 2020.

Freemasons see themselves as "Non-Citizens" to your country. They are all sworn, international thUgs. After 2020, the country borders do not exist because their fellow thUgs control border crossings. Yes, it is a very big conspiracy and that is why they mock you by claiming you are a "conspiracy-theorist." Freemasons giggle when they call an awakening sheep a "conspiracy-theorist" because they are part of a big murder-plot for the sheeple. Yes I watch them giggle all the time. Freemasons are hood-winkers. The "theories" are over, done and the "conspiracy" is now full-blown, obvious. Clot-shots are killing the sheeple.

It is to your advantage to stop the sheeple kill-off even if you are not a sheep, anymore. It is a slow awakening of Homo sapiens. We defy the murderous thUgs and then we become enlightened to the existence of our Creator-God if we are not already aware.

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