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Beginning Ham Radio Certification Using $25 BaoFeng From Ebay or Amazon

JamesRoss - 86 Views
Published on 20 Dec 2022 / In How-to and Style

$25 is a great way to start... Source:
No sense spending more until you figure-out you like HAM or dislike it.
End-video @ 74 minutes describes the UV-5R and is well done, too, like Josh's beginning part.

The well-organized genocide war began with covid-19 or "Operation Satan's-Sheep-Slaughter."
You are actually within another(final) world war whether you can see it nor not, it is happening.
Better get with the times or prepare to leave planet Earth... That is how the Luciferians will treat all non-Cult people, as if they are all sheep for the slaughter.

With society being forced into collapse mode by the Freemasons... you really need to pull-up your socks and begin preparing to resist their tyranny that is just around the corner.

After my 20 years of exposing organized corruption within North America and 16 years of evading all of their assassination attempts upon my life, I really know that WW3 is being conducted by all the secret societies working/pirating together as an army against all the dumbed-down sheep accepting their clot-shots.

You cannot depend on the cellphone microwave-prison-grid because the freemasons are in control of it, but the freemasons will not be in control of your two-way radio for talking to neighbours.
If you can afford it, you could collect a number of cheap radios to help keep your community functioning after the freemasons pull the plug upon the entire country... They run pretty-much every country for the ancient-devils, Homo capensis, whom they hide from the rest of the sheep. Only their cone-head skulls are allowed into the public awareness arena, but even those are being hidden by the thUg-network:
Penn State Museum:

A good starting point is to begin organizing an off-grid communications network of worthy constitutionists...
But realize that freemasons and Eastern-Star thUgs are expert infiltrators and the enemy is actually domestic (as well as foreign).

I discovered the wickedness of these highly organized freemasons 16 years ago... William Cooper's Mystery Babylon Series educated me about the freemasons... Cooper was dead-right about their wickedness.
They have infiltrated every position of authority upon the planet and your time has come to expose them:

You will likely need a scanner to help you expose the freemasons and other Luciferians: since the ancient-devils have formed the secret societies into a brainchip-hivemind army of thUgs... murderous-thUgs.

You will need to communicate your knowledge to other survivalists. Best start learning about two-way radios and what makes them work.

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Lyra Madelynn
Lyra Madelynn 3 months ago

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