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GVP #181 - John Hamer - The Falsification of Science, Part 2

michael davino
michael davino - 224 Views
Published on 04 Mar 2021 / In Science


British author John Hamer returns for a second delve into his colossal new book ‘The Falsification of Science,’ with more evidence to support the notion that everything we have ever been taught by any Establishment source, has been a lie.

This time we examine the monumental deceptions of the deeply Satanic US space agency NASA, the Climate Change hoax - apparently the next major mind-control scam after Covid - lost civilisations, suppressed knowledge that has been deliberately kept from the masses, and the unexplained powers of the human mind.

We also discuss the upcoming Questioning Science and Questioning History conferences in England this coming July and December. Further information and tickets will be available on the Learning Holidays website in due course, but in the meantime, anyone interested is invited to contact Gloria Moss by e-mail to [email protected]

John’s books can be found here:

To e-mail John directly for copies of his books:
[email protected]

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