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GROWING CHICKEN FODDER. How we are doing it!

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Published on 15 Mar 2021 / In People and Blogs

Getting those rich orange egg yokes from your chickens in the winter can be a real struggle. With the lack of fresh greens and bugs to nibble on all day, chickens can struggle during the cold months to get all the fresh nutrients they need to have high quality eggs. We are hoping to partially solve this issue by growing chicken FODDER! Essentially microgreens for chickens, fodder is a great way to serve your ladies some lush greens! We are currently trying out sunflower seeds, whole wheat, whole oats and whole barley. These seeds are readily available at our NON-GMO feed store at a great price. There are many other seeds you can experiment with, just remember, they must to WHOLE seeds or they won't sprout.
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Examples of fodder seed:
Microgreen flats:

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