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Government Control - Immigration & Planned Destruction

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Published on 29 Mar 2023 / In News and Politics

They Want Your Money AND Your Life

It is now abundantly clear that the move towards a digital, cash-free world is accelerating. We are heading into the jaws of the Great Reset at frightening speed.

Make no mistake about it, the conspirators are unlike Highwaymen such as Dick Turpin who always gave their victims a choice. The conspirators want your money AND your life.

They want to control every aspect of life – from the economy to health care. They want to tell you where and how to live and how to heat your home. They want to tell you how and when you can travel – and what sort of vehicle you can use. They want to force you to treat yourself when you’re sick, and if you’re old or frail they want you dead.

Trudeau Govt Proposing Law To “CONTROL All Aspects Of Life” Say Critics

The federal government may end up with the power to regulate almost EVERY FACET OF LIFE in Canada if its law aimed at curbing harmful greenhouse gas emissions is allowed to stand, Ontario’s top court heard Monday. “They could regulate where you live. How often you drive your car,” Josh Hunter told the five-justice panel. “It would UNBALANCE THE FEDERATION.”

UN Compact on migration proposes destruction of Canada

The Global Compact on migration is an inter-governmentally negotiated agreement coordinated by the United Nations. It has been a work-in-progress for two years with the final text agreed to this past July, 2018. It moves forward to formal adoption by UN members states, (save for the United States, Australia and Hungary) this December in Morocco. It is noteworthy that the U.S. and Australia see the Compact as incompatible with their sovereignty concerns while Hungary desires measures that deter, rather than promote, migration. The two worldviews for and against the Compact could not be further apart as the U.N. sees migration as a benefit to all while opponents see it as a risk to security and social cohesion. Here are some of the aspects of the Compact that Canada is about to sign onto :

The Globalist/NWO Agenda: The planned disassembling and destruction of America

The Globalist/NWO Agenda: The planned disassembling, asset stripping and destruction of American society and America, institution by institution, piece by piece:

America May Soon Face Unlimited Illegal Immigration

This is perhaps the most important domestic policy issue at stake for America as we face single-party leadership in both chambers of Congress and the White House. And it couldn’t come at a worse time for our country as Americans struggle to keep businesses open and regain a public health footing from the ongoing effects of the COVID-19 virus.

Trudeau's censorship slammed on opening day of Canada Strong and Free Networking Conference

Day 1 of the Canada Stong and Free Networking Conference kicked off in Ottawa on Wednesday, and included in the first day's lineup was a panel on Bills C-11 and C-18. Both bills have been shrouded in controversy and blasted for their impact on freedom of speech, access to the news, and content creation in Canada.

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