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Gopher explosion compilation

Btowntaz - 193,329 Views
Published on 07 Apr 2018 / In Pets and Animals

Have been trying to rid my back yard of gophers for 3 years now. Nothing has worked, so I brought out the heavy artillery. Propane and Oxygen. Here are the explosions we have gotten in the last few days.

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Le Gentilhomme de Fortune

domestic terrorism ...

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FreedomNL2021 15 days ago

Hahaha! :}}}

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jfhow 2 months ago

you are insane

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GadgetmanRon 2 months ago

All it takes for any rodent is a few sticks of Juicy Fruit gum. Rodents cannot digest Gum Arabic, so if you give them enough, they just crawl into their holes and die. There is always a solution!

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Jaxx4me 9 months ago

I can't believe that someone made a video of this; and I can't believe I'm actually watching it! LOL

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turtlegio 8 days ago

where's the blast gonna be at then? .. unamerican iifffyuASk me

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