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Major parts of Kabul plunged into darkness after an explosion cuts off 220KV power line in the Afghan capital. The cause of the explosion in unknown.

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Published on 22 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

Major parts of Kabul plunged into darkness after an explosion cuts off 220KV power line in the Afghan capital. The cause of the explosion in unknown.

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Johnny Exodice
Johnny Exodice 1 month ago

Retro blade of the RETRO GRADE!!!

They are Screaming in my head once again saying Dig up our Bones from the Grave Yards and release us back into Our Father Earth, so Our Mother Heaven can wash away all our sins!!!!

To place our Dead in CORPORATE Coffins, so their bones can never decay is a sin unto itself, and then to know all the Lies Agreed Upon about a World War COVER UP from the 1800’s where by 1893 AD so many were dead and gone that we had to use FACTORIES and Facilities to make Human Babies for INCUBATOR “Adoptions” because we would not tell the People what happened to their Memories……., and in this TIME LOOP of De-Ja-Vu where every Decade the TV Shows and the Magazines Repeat the [Obsolesce] Qballs~ /_\ of these things every 10 years where you know that was the 1920’s and that was the 1950s and that was the 1980’s, and the cars and the commercialism from the fashion to the styles of that was the 1910’s and that was the 1930’s and that was the 1970s, and that was THE END OF AN AGE come 2001 CE too replace the Space 1999 UFO of the 1990’s AD….

Have you (listened) to the SCREAMING of the Dead in those Hermetically Sealed Coffins where the Bones of your dead can not be at rest {or in peace} [{**}} because their bones have not been returned to the Dirt and the Earth of Ashes to Ashes and Dust to Dust as Demanded by the God of the Old Testament JEWISH Bible where no where in Day 6 in “the creation” of our Celestial Sphere Home World does the Source of all Creation………, and the Source of All Destruction demand we bow down to CORPORATIONS, or their INTERNATIONALIST Man Made LAWS LAWS LAWS!!!!!

The Holy Jewish Bible said: The RULE OF LAW by Corporations is DEATH for the LAWS of men and wombmen seek only WAR IS MURDER, and Death, and Torture, and the Rape of the Lands all over this side of FLAT EARTH in our Shared Celestial Sphere with INNER EARTH and the Other Side of this world….

Yet what do the many Militant MEDICATED Mindless “Menticide” Masses of the WIDE PATH in the New Testament Jewish GOSPEL of insanity seek from the Book of Revelation??? Too Rip open the Heavens with their Trillion Watt Godzilla NASA Lasers [too repeat] /-\ forever and ever the SKY IS FALLING…….., and we MASONS made it happen!!!! This is the madness, and sickness, and the EVIL Wicked Ways of the “Thelema” Kabbalah PizzaGATE O.T.O. Jesuit Zionist Wicca Zohar ROMAN Catholics, and all their Churches of the Synagogue of SATAN known as BUY MY SHIT, so we can spray the Skies with the remains of TOXIC WASTE known as {Chem Trails} [{*}] from all the PLASTICS as you Capitalist DEBT SLAVES of Global Citizens CORPORATE CITIZENS continually Seek!!!

How quickly you CAPITALIST Forget (WAR IS MURDER) +=+ as you Break the Ten Commandments of your God….

Thou Shalt not Kill has no LOOP HOLES where unless, A CORPORATION says we need to make “Weapons” too Rip Open the Skies, and kill our fellow humans to TAKE THEIR LAND when IN GOD WE TRUST in the Holy Jewish Bible on {Day 6 of Creation} said THE LAND belongs to all of Mankind MALE and FEMALE because I made you all in the Days of Creation, and when you kill another, you are only trying to Kill the Source of all Creation, and the Source of All Destruction PRETENDING as Declaration of Proclamations that “youm” are NOW god!!!!


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