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Globalist Macron Plans Ukrainian False Flag To Launch WWIII + More!

Joe Ayers
Joe Ayers - 139 Views
Published on 24 Mar 2024 / In News and Politics

First Concerned Parent Reads Aloud Hardcore Incest, Pedophilia And Sex Book Giving To Children At A School To The School Board! Next Humanity Must Develop A Plan B To Counter The Globalists' Anti-Human Agenda. Then Texas National Guard Gets Overwhelmed By Violent Border Invaders In Shocking Unprecedented Video. Then DANGER: U.S. Special Forces Presence In Taiwan Puts China On HIGH ALERT! Then MASSIVE Terror Attack In Russia: Jack Posobiec Gives Key Intel! Then Blue States Are Now Venezuela, Warns Kevin O'Leary. Then Bombshell Revelations Threaten To End Biden's Shot At 2024 Election. Then Is Iran Receiving Secret Shipments Of Uranium From Niger? Then Globalist Macron Plans Ukrainian False Flag To Launch WWIII. And finally Kirk Elliot joins Alex Jones live in-studio and Warns Rollout Of The Mark Of The Beast Being Prepared By Central Bank.

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