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The Analyst (New Real Media)
Published on 21 Nov 2023 / In News and Politics

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Stephen Gardner interviews General Michael Flynn. General Flynn, during your service under President Donald Trump, your reputation suffered in the Russiagate hoax. Have you reflected on why former President Obama and others targeted you?

It's now confirmed that then Vice President Joe Biden used fake names and illegal emails, raising questions about his need for secrecy in communicating, generating over 82,000 pages in emails. Why would a sitting Vice President resort to such measures?

In spring 2022, as Putin and Russia considered peace agreements with Ukraine, reports suggest Biden ordered Prime Minister Boris Johnson to threaten Ukrainian President Zelensky, undermining peace talks and contributing to the current crisis. How does this align with public assurances of avoiding conflict with Russia?

A recent Pentagon audit revealed a failure, with $3 trillion missing and unaccounted for in taxpayer money. Is this recurrent theme tied to the lack of transparency in Ukrainian affairs?

Do you perceive the southern border situation as intentional or a result of White House incompetence?

Regarding the January 6th Capitol breach, do you think the select committee misrepresented facts by selectively using testimonies and clips to portray Trump negatively?

As an expert in 5th-generation warfare, could you explain its nature and the potential future implications? Your book on this topic will be linked below.

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