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Freedom Convoy 2022 - Hear our Voices

Melissa Lev
Melissa Lev - 358 Views
Published on 27 Jan 2022 / In News and Politics

Freedom Convoy 2022 - Hear our Voices

Massive Trucker Convoy Heading to Ottawa - Go Truckers Go!!:

Start your Engines - The Convoy has Begun!!:

Truckers Rollin' Across Canada - Day 2:

A Warning from a Canadian Trucker - You Better Stock Up!:

Boycott Tim Hortons for Refusing to Serve Freedom Convoy Truckers:

Trudeau says the "Small Fringe Minority" Trucker Convoy does not Represent the Views of Canadians:

Canadian Trucker Convoy is for Freedom & Against Dictator Justin Trudeau's Covid Tyranny:

Nova Scotia is Coming Trudeau! Riding with the Convoy for Freedom!!:

American Truckers Let's Go!!!:

Night Aerial View of Ottawa - Freedom Convoy (Jan 28, 2022):

Ottawa - The World's Largest Truck Stop/Parking Lot (Jan 29, 2022):

Massive Protest Kicks off in Ottawa Filling the Streets with Trucks & People (Jan 29, 2022):

All of Canada has Joined the Convoy:

Prime Minister Trudeau on Convoy Protests - โ€œWe are not Intimidatedโ€:

Update on the Canadian Freedom Convoy:

Original video source here:

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

Very nice.... after 20 years of trying to wake up Canadians... to see this finally happening... nice....
The murderous freemasons are considering going down into their DUMBs to hide from the thUg-hunters with scanners:

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pjwarden 4 months ago

Heroes, every one of them! And here's hoping Tim Horton's DIES of terminal STUPIDITY!

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