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Faulty Covid 19 Data - Liberals True Nature Showing

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Published on 17 Apr 2020 / In News and Politics

Here's how known coronavirus case rates compare throughout Canada

As of midday, April 7, Canada has seen a total of 17,063 known coronavirus cases, according to the Government of Canada’s latest COVID-19 update.

While that total pales in comparison to some of the hardest hit countries, like the USA, Italy, China, and Spain, it fails to account for the numerous cases that may have gone unconfirmed due to those feeling ill simply staying home, or not being eligible for limited testing.

Still, it’s the most official look Canadians have to understand the virus’ trajectory in Canada, something that we’ve been keeping a close eye on for the past few weeks.


Inaccurate Virus Models Are Panicking Officials Into Ill-Advised Lockdowns

As U.S. state and local officials halt the economy and quarantine their communities over the Wuhan virus crisis, one would hope our leaders were making such major decisions based on well-sourced data and statistical analysis. That is not the case.

A scan of statements made by media, state governors, local leaders, county judges, and more show many relying on the same source, an online mapping tool called COVID Act Now. The website says it is “built to enable political leaders to quickly make decisions in their Coronavirus response informed by best available data and modeling.”


Paranoid and Unstable Michigan Governor Claims Vast Conspiracy Because Medical Vendors Not Providing Equipment…

With a review of her incompetent action plan so far it is obviously that Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer is overwhelmed with the responsibilities of her position during crisis.


Four Michigan Sheriffs Tell Their Overstepping Governor They Won’t Enforce Her Outrageous Quarantine Edicts

Four county Sheriffs in northern Michigan made it clear yesterday that they will not enforce Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s latest quarantine edicts. They share the opinions of tens of thousands of Michiganders that these edicts — while ostensibly about stopping the spread of the Chinese Virus — are actually just outrageous power grabs


Justin Trudeau Gets Crushed Online After Suggesting Canadians Turn Off Lights, TV For ‘Earth Hour’ Amid Coronavirus Quarantine

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may be handling his own coronavirus pandemic, but he’s still committed to pursuing radical environmental policies and ingratiating himself to the global environmental elite.

Saturday night, while most Canadians sheltered at home, under “social distancing” order designed to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, Trudeau suggested on social media that those sheltering in place turn off their electricity to save the planet.


Joe Biden: My VP Pick Needs To Be Able To Be President ‘Because I’m An Old Guy’

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden said on Tuesday that it is important that whoever he selects to be his vice president, assuming he secures his party’s nomination, is able to be president because he is “an old guy.”

“I can think of at least eight women, at least four or five people of color, that I think are totally qualified to be vice president of the United States,” Biden said. “But for me, it has to be demonstrated that whoever I pick is two things.”


The Best of President Trump Vs. The Corrupt Leftist Media – many clips, love them all..


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