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Fake Wild Fires From Energy Weaponry Satellites Exposed by Robert Brame, Your Burn Expert

JamesRoss - 444 Views
Published on 08 Nov 2023 / In People and Blogs

Freemasons and Luciferians are sneaking around after fake fires and gathering the plastic items that did not even melt from the Energy weapons.
This is why the Hawaii wildfire was quarantined from public viewing. The Freemasons were gathering the plastics that did not melt from the energy weapons.

The Freemasons and secret societies have been setting-up this "mouse-trap for virgins" since WW2. JFK's death-speech to mass-media workers was the beginning of the building of the mouse-trap for non-Cult-sworn people.

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JamesRoss 4 months ago

The sneaking Freemasons and other secret society traitors to their own humanity do not realize that physical reality is the Creator-God's training-ground for new soul-fragments. Physical reality need to be convincing in order to allow new souls-fragments to show their true-colours.
Murderous, genocidal Cult-thUgs believe that they are striving for their own immortality and removing the oblivious sheeple from the rewards promised to them by the ancient devils, Homo capensis.
Homo capensis have suckered the Freemasons to serve them and extinct their own genetics off the planet. This is the bigger picture... the secret societies are so oblivious that they are extincting themselves off this planet... that they giggle at how wicked they have become with brainchips bamboozling and misguiding them.

Therefor, the meek sheeple shall inherit the surviving probabilities and the Luciferian-thUgs will perish from physical life and shall be spiritually boxed-up for "safe-keeping" along with ancient monsters within their afterlife. The murderous thUgs are the failing soul-fragments upon Earth. They are proving to themselves that they have collectively chosen to become unworthy.

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