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Facebook and IG Went Down - What Really Happened!

Hip Gnosis
Hip Gnosis - 57,888 Views
Published on 06 Oct 2021 / In News and Politics

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Facebook and Instagram went down! Here’s what really happened including what THEY don’t want you to know.

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United by Truth
United by Truth 12 days ago


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Great work! Love your videos!

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susie63w 2 months ago


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JJWestfans 2 months ago

Well said, but don't forget Mark Z and his CIA media handlers bet on the stock dropping. A staged event like the rest, the con goes on. But we must thank UGETube for letting us get our ad vids etc out there. While the rest block us from promoting high adventure and entertainment for our book media. GO GRL FORCE! GO SPACE FORCE! TILL ALL STAND FREE!

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Murder Evil
Murder Evil 2 months ago

i have no teeth because i lost them because i am an epileptic and had a seiuzer (like the hundreds i have had b4) on a tile floor, but this time face planted full force on the tile using my teeth to cushion the fall and lost them all.
So Fuck You!
That teeth whitener floods your gums with microwaves and you will get mouth cancer soon so again
fuck you!

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