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EXCLUSIVE Jailhouse interview with Pastor Artur Pawlowski - Rebel News

Daniel J Towsey
Daniel J Towsey - 176 Views
Published on 12 May 2021 / In News and Politics

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EMERGENCY EMERGENCY message for humanity
COVID - Nurse in Halifax Nova Scotia Reveals DANGERS of BIO-INJECTIONS

‼️😱YOU WILL DIE from 💉‼️ It’s Now To Late to SAVE Anyone who’s had ANY COVID 💉 ‼️

No Covid found....

It is impossible to be infected by Covid
Covid-19 Immunity in 19 Minutes
Published on 14 Apr 2021 / In News and Politics
You have been Living in a lie of fear.


The virus never existed but the poisonous dna altering mRNA injection which is not a vaccine dose... the fake deaths from the first vaccine were to scare people so thye rush to get the poison..then they tell us there are now worst strains out that are even more poisonous so that billions of sheepple will panic and will run out to get another but worse deadly mrna injection that is not a vaccine...the problem the cabal has is that so many people are waking up to the truth so now you know why the globalists are shutting down social media...they want to kill us as it says on The Georgia Guidestones and also in the UN Agenda 21 depopulation plans..

Murder By Injection Chapter 1 - The Medical Monopoly
Free audio book Hear all ten Chapters

David E. Martin. PHD. Coronavirus Was Man made And Weaponize

STOP World Control ! 10000 Doctots and 1000 Solitors and THESE are the plans and secrets for most! 9May21

Here Dr Carrie Madej brings you a deep going and scientistic funded message for all humankind, ~ ONDERTEXT IN HET NEDERLANDS / subtitled in Dutch~.
Dealing with Transfection to making from Humans - Human2 type, cyber patented robotics AI controlled being they want to fill the world with!!! It is our duty to be informed and warn others because even with Nurnberg 2 trial being prepared these illegal so called Vaccines and VAXXED people need help! ~~~ Please spread this like a 'real' Pandemic.

Crimes of Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer Documented

Vaccine Shedding Causing Miscarriages and Blood Clots in Unvaccinated Females


Professor of Molecular Genetics issues 'chilling warning .
The "vaccine" mRNA doesn't intercalate into your DNA but mRNA is an epigenetic controller of DNA. And how fo you know how long the nRNA lasts? It is enclosed in nanoparticle lipid calledMatrix-M. Never before used in humans. Highly allergenic. Not well understood 1/2 life in this setting. Not to mention saponins that are part of Matrix M.

Dr. Ruby- Vaccine Causes Permanent Genetic Transformation

Please do not call them vaccines they are covid bio injections...they legally are not vaccines.


HOLY COW! Bill Gates Just Exposed Himself!
he is refusing to share vaccine ingredients ..because he does not want the world to know that vaccines are poison of death..

2 Year Old Baby DIES During Pfizer Covid-19 Vaccine Trials!

Covid 19: Vaxholes EXPOSED: A must hear Interview!...World exclusive!..Watch it while you can!!!

Pfizer admits that the Unvaccinated can get vaccine side effects from the Vaccinated....

X-Factor Winner Altiyan Childs Reveals World's Secret Religion

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